Caregiver Shortage | The Age Wave is Coming

Caregiver Shortage:

We been hearing about it for years now.  With every passing day the demand for caring and compassionate caregivers grows stronger and stronger as the demographic shift takes on it’s new look.  There are tons of informational articles like this one from Business Insider that give the facts on just how glaring this change will be.

Caregiver ShortageFor instance, did you know that by the end of this decade, the number of people over the age of 65 will outnumber those who are under the age of 5?  It’s gets increasingly worse from there… The Business Insider article shares a great graphical illustration (at right) of how the gap gets to a drastic point by the year 5050.

The biggest take away from articles like this are that we are going to have to adapt as a society to draw more attention and interest to caregiving as a career.  Not doing so puts this generation of seniors in a position that severely limits their choices in how they age.  They will be limited to facilitated options whereby one caregiver can give more limited support but for many.  One on one care will be harder and harder to find simply due to the shortage of caregivers.

Now What?

Ultimately our aging population will depend heavily on the younger generation to care for them.  Our job today is two fold.  First we have to find more ways of connecting with the younger men and women in showing them the rewards of becoming a caregiver.  So often we hear about the father teaching his son his skill or his craft that passes down from generation to generation.  Caregiving will need to become that skill that our amazing caregivers of today want to teach their children so that they can become caregivers themselves at an early age.

Secondly,we must turn our entrepreneurial spirits loose and find ways to help the future generation of caregivers become more efficient and well trained.  We have to find ways to accomplish this in today fast paced world where everyone does everything in their life from a 4 inch machine that fits in their pocket.  Sounds crazy, but it’s actually an amazing opportunity for those with the creativity and understanding of the value they can bring to the world.

At CaregiverCareers, we are excited to see how things continue to change and be witness to the human ingenuity that will shine through.  We will continue to play our very small role of connecting current and future caregivers with employers who share in the common mission of helping senior age with dignity and respect.