About CaregiverCareers
It's Not Just a Job. It's a Passion.

Employers, are you seeing an empty lobby when you're in a crunch to meet your clients' needs? What have you done to change?

Caregivers, are you ready to put down the clutter of the Sunday paper and finally say "goodbye" to the old school way of seeking your dream job?

Then welcome to CaregiverCareers, an online job portal designed to connect healthcare employers with caregivers to create long lasting employment relationships.  Our founders were both owner-operators of home care companies, so they have first-hand knowledge of what’s important to both sides of the professional employment relationship for caregivers.

As our demographics change and our baby boomer generation begins to need assistance, the demand for dependable and compassionate caregivers will only increase. Unfortunately, the supply of caregivers will decrease unless you as the employer can adapt and create career opportunities that match the caregiver’s personal needs. Not so easy, right?


So many caregiver recruiters are still viewing their jobs like they did 10-15 years ago - "Reactive Recruiting" or essentially “taking orders.” Today’s competitive environment requires a PROACTIVE recruiting plan. You should be seeking your candidates out directly, not just littering the paper and internet with ads and waiting for the phone to ring. Nor should you expect for some online application to do all of your screening for you. Healthcare is a people business that should have people selecting people to provide care.


How do you match the caregiver’s personal needs to that of the senior needing help? With CaregiverCareers, candidates come directly to your job postings and employers have the option to filter and search for the candidates that have the skills and availability of your client or patient base. As your needs change, simply adjust your search and continue drawing the best of the best in caregiving. Caregivers, the filtering capability is great for you! You can quickly search opportunities and filter for what is important to your personal situation. Is it the wage? Is it the location? You are in control!