What is CaregiverCareers?

CaregiverCareers is an online niche job board designed to connect many of the nation’s best caregivers with health care providers. Whether you are a CNA, PCA, LPN or Companion, we’ve made the hiring process simple to ensure you connect with the right company and create a long lasting employment relationship. The website serves job seekers, employers, students, and career advisors with a variety of free online tools, information and resources.When you apply to jobs through CaregiverCareers, we allow you to opt-in to our database of active job seekers for free. This will allow employers and recruiters to search for your resume on our website and contact you with job opportunities. Please note that your privacy is extremely important to us, and your personal information can only be seen by paid customers of CaregiverCareers.

What types of jobs are available on CaregiverCareers?

Our site is used by hiring managers and recruiters to find those candidates with an interest in caregiving or caregiving work experience. Typical jobs include non-medical caregivers, homemakers, home health aides (HHA), licensed practical nurses (LPN), personal care assistants (PCA), and certified nursing assistants (CNA). These positions are normally listed by home health care agencies, non-medical companies, assisted living communities, independent living communities, nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, adult day care programs, and private care settings.

How do I search for a job on CaregiverCareers?

From the home page, you can enter the zip code and radius of the location you are interested in. On the Caregiver Dashboard, either click on the main “Search Jobs” box or use the “Search Jobs” dropdown which list three ways to search: General Search, Jobs by Category, or Jobs by Company. Once the results of a job search are displayed, you can further drill down in your search by using the sidebar at the right to filter by Job Type or Job Category.

Can I search for a job based on location?

Yes, simply enter your city, state or zip code in the location box. You can also filter how far a job is from your current location using the drop-down menu in the search fields using the values 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 miles.

How do I get more (less) jobs to show up in search results?

To get more jobs to show up in search results, simply adjust your search filters so they are broader in scope – further from your current location or perhaps a wider keyword selection. For less jobs, tighten up your search filters by narrowing down your search filters to find more relevant jobs.

Why am I redirected to an employer website when applying?

Some employers may decide to use their own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in lieu of the one provided by CaregiverCareers.com. When this happens, the “Apply Now” button will open a new tab in your web browser and redirect you to a new URL selected by the Employer.