Section 6: Find Caregivers

Find Caregivers

In this tutorial, we'll show you how you to search caregiver profiles using basic filters.

Step 1: From your My Dashboard or top navigation menu, click "Find Caregivers"

On the right side of the search page, zip code(s) will be automatically populated in the Location dropdown menu. Use our zip code radius search to easily locate candidates around you that match your job description. Select 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 mile radius from the zip code(s) chosen during your onboarding process.

Step 2: Click on any caregiver name to bring up their full Caregiver Profile.

Each caregiver is required to create a personal profile prior to applying to an open job position. Along with general contact information and picture, the profile page also displays years of experience, certifications, qualifications, shift availability, travel conditions, languages spoken, education and work experience. Additionally, each applicant provides a statement indicating what makes them a good caregiver.

If there is an ATS badge visible in the Find Caregivers results page or the Caregiver Profile, it indicates a) You have manually pushed the caregiver into your ATS from the Caregiver Profile page or b) The caregiver has applied to one of your job postings. The blue button that normally displays "Add to ATS" will now display "View in ATS".

Step 3: Select the "Click to Call" button in the upper right corner of Caregiver Profile.

A unique feature of, employers are given the capability to anonymously contact caregivers via phone call using our click-to-call button. Recruiters simply enter their phone number and the software creates a bridge call between the recruiter and the caregiver. Additional contact methods are available.

Step 4: Select the "Add to ATS" button in the upper right corner of Caregiver Profile.

Once you find a caregiver that you’re interested in, you can push them into your Applicant Tracking System with an initial note and application status. Easily track your hiring progression and recruiting pipeline using the simple, yet effective ATS. Your recruiting staff will love the efficiency gained in that they will not find themselves duplicating efforts with the same caregivers.

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